My JALT CUE presentation titled ‘Visually representing publication trajectories’ presented September 2019

This is a short presentation I gave at the JALT CUE SIG’s conference at Rikkyo University in September 2018. Here’s the abstract:

This presentation shares how a graphical representation of manuscript text histories was developed for six manuscripts written by Japan-based English language teachers. The importance of the process manuscripts go through in their trajectories toward publication has been increasingly highlighted in research examining the experiences of authors writing for academic publication (Lillis & Curry, 2010). However, representations of these trajectories have tended to use hypothetical examples (for example, Weller, 2001; Burrough-Boenisch, 2003), rather than examples grounded in empirical analysis of manuscript versions and correspondence data.

Representing the actual trajectories of manuscripts helps to reveal potentially occluded complexity, the extent of changes made to manuscripts across their trajectories, and the amount of revision and evaluation work that goes into assessing and revising manuscripts on their paths to publication. Specific findings from the investigation include information about the timelines to publication, the number of manuscript versions evaluated by official brokers (editors and reviewers), and how the manuscript versions visible to official brokers do not represent a complete picture of how the texts are transformed during their trajectories. These findings can inform authors writing for publication and the broader literature investigating writing for academic publication.

Here’s the video:

Here are the slides: