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Ubuntu 17.10 external monitors not recognized after upgrade from kernel nvidia-381 dpkg error


External monitors not supported following kernel upgrade from in Ubuntu 17.10 with Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card andĀ nvidia-381 package installed


Install nvidia-384 instead of nvidia-381


Ubuntu 17.10 has been working quite well for me except for a scim login error after upgrading, but sometime in January I did a kernel upgrade that broke my external monitor support.

I got a graphics card error following the upgrade mentioning a problem with nvidia-381, but was in my usual hurry and didn’t have time to write it down. However, after restarting the computer I quickly realized the only way to get external monitor support was by using the deprecated kernel.

I assumed it was a kernel bug and so waited for the next kernel upgrade cycle, but that didn’t fix it, so I set aside a morning to look into the problem.

It appears to be that nvidia-381 is not compatible with kernels after Installing nvidia-384 fixed the problem.

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