Another day, another ride…

While the heat of summer feels like it’s here now, this past weekend we were still enjoying relatively cool weather, and so with Sunday taken up with church activities, I set aside Saturday to get in a ride. This time I visited a friend’s place and we did a bit of cycling together then I headed back home. We went by a popular tofu shop where I picked up a small snack, visited a temple the day before it held a 140th memorial celebration of some sort, and I finished with lunch at a popular bread shop before heading home.

Here’s the route, hopefully complete with some pictures:

Don’t worry; my sister Angela is still well ahead of me. Saturday’s ride was a total of just under 50 km (31 miles), and I felt myself losing steam on the last of the leg home, so I’m not going to be up to topping her anytime soon.

One of the more spectacular features of the temple was its bell tower, an photo of which I’ve embedded below:

You can hopefully see in the photo a small placard to the right of the bell tower. Here’s a close-up shot of that:

According to Yuki, the story is that the dragon carving just above the placard, on the right side of the bell tower in the image above, was so realistic that the townspeople feared it came alive at midnight and raided their food stores and crops. In order to ensure the dragon didn’t continue to terrorize the nearby residents, in 1631 the Head Priest of the temple drove two iron nails through the dragon’s eyes to pin it to the bell tower. According to her, you should be able to make out the nails in the eyes of the dragon, so I’m going to have to make a trip back there to check.