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CamTESOL 2015 Call for Proposals

CamTESOL is a conference I’ve wanted to attend for a while. It will have to wait until after 2015 for me, but here’s their call for papers in case someone else is interested:

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Friday 22 August, 2014
Call for Papers: Main Conference
Deadline in Three Weeks’ Time

The CamTESOL Secretariat invites all those working in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT), or those who have an interest in this field to submit an abstract for the 11th Annual CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching, English: Building Skills for Regional Cooperation and Mobility, 28 February – 01 March, 2015.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 13 September, 2014

Notification re. Abstraction Selection: 18 October, 2014

All abstracts submitted should relate to the following conference streams:

•   Curriculum and Materials Development •   Publishers’ Stream
•   EAP & ESP •   Research-based Stream
•   ELT in the Mekong •   Teaching Speaking
•   Grammar •   Teaching Listening
•   Independent Learning •   Teaching Reading
•   Language Policy •   Teaching Writing
•   Methodology •   Teaching Young Learners
•   Motivation •   Testing
•   Professional Development •   Using Technology
•   Program Management •   Vocabulary

To submit your abstract, please click here.


  • In conjunction with the Main Conference, we also invite all researchers, including those preparing doctoral theses, those working in the field of language-related areas, and those who have an interest in this field, to submit an abstract for the Regional Research Symposium (27 February, 2015) with the focus on promoting language research in the region. To submit your abstract to the Regional Research Symposium, please click here.
  • In order to present at the Regional Research Symposium, presenters will need to register for both the Main Conference and the Regional Research Symposium itself.
  • If presenters wish to present at both events, two separate Call for Papers submissions will need to be completed; one for the Main Conference and one for the Regional Research Symposium.
  • The deadlines for full paper submissions to be considered for the peer-reviewed LEiA publication are08 March 2015 for Volume 6, Issue 1 and 07 June, 2015 for Volume 6, Issue 2. For more information, please click here.
For any enquiries, please email

Mr. CHEA Theara
CamTESOL Conference Program Coordinator
Join us at the 11th CamTESOL Conference on 28 February – 01 March 2015.
For more information, go to

The CamTESOL Conference Series is an initiative of IDP Education

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Monolingual Amazon Japan?

So I’m told that as an author and an academic, the online presence I present to the world is something I should cultivate and curate carefully, and as the lead editor of two book projects, Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia (2011) and Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia (2014), I’ve taken this advice and created this site and an author page at, among other things (such as my Twitter account). The complication is that while is excellent for reaching the North American market, the titles of the two books I’ve been involved in, and one of the journals I work with, the Asian ESP Journal, include a name for a part of the world that is actually quite distant from North America, ‘Asia’.

So, as I’m based in Japan, I resolved to tackle the task of creating myself an Amazon Japan author page back around the time our first book came out toward the end of 2011/the beginning of 2012. Here it is. I realize it’s ultimately some button I pushed by accident, but you’ll notice that there’s a problem with the page, as it isn’t me, but one of my coeditors, a frequent copresenter and coauthor, and friend, Dr. John Adamson (I add the italics because that’s the way I say it when I introduce him). As much as I like and respect John, he’s not me, and so with our second book coming out in September, I thought I would revisit Amazon Japan’s author central site and try to resolve the problem. Unfortunately there’s no way to update your profile and change your name. You can upload a picture, and add a link to a blog site, but you can’t change your actual name.

No problem, I think. Amazon is a global company that is interested in marketing all kinds of books (and other things) to all kinds of places, and Amazon Japan lists our books, so they should be able to take responsibility for accurately portraying the identities of the authors of those books, right? Wrong. Here’s the message I sent them:

When I log into my author page, I'm listed as Dr. John Adamson, but I'm Theron Muller, not John. He is a Coeditor on two books we have worked on together, but I'm not sure how to change my name in my author profile. Please advise.

And here’s their response:

Thank you for contacting us at  Author Pages and Author Central is only available in Japanese, and we can only support Japanese books at this point. We don't provide English support at this time. Additionally, please note that Author Central does not support English Kindle books. I apologize if this is an inconvenience.  Thank you for shopping at Amazon.

To their credit, they replied in less than an hour, but to my surprise they are not only unwilling to help me in English, but their policy is that they won’t help me in any language because they  “can only support Japanese books,” so although they sell the books I’m coeditor of (something I’m grateful for—before them ordering English books in Japan was a nightmare), there’s no way for me to resolve this ongoing problem of mistaken identity I appear to have on my author page for their site. And hence this blog. I’ll add an update if the problem is ever resolved.