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Call for contributions for JALT Learner Development SIG Forum at JALT2014 in Tsukuba in November

This just in from the JALT Learner Development SIG:

Call for Contributions for the Learner Development SIG Forum at JALT2014, Tsukuba, Tsukuba International Convention Center, November 21-24, 2014

Greetings from the LD SIG. The deadline for presentations for this year’s JALT National conference is over, but there is still time to make a contribution to the Learner Development SIG Forum. This year, we are planning to hold a forum entitled “Learner Development Across Borders” and we warmly invite you to contribute.

Contributions from individuals are welcome, however in the LD SIG’s spirit of collaboration, we would like to encourage you to work together in pairs or groups with other SIG members or colleagues to make your contributions to the forum. There are 3 ideas for borders that could be used to make your contributions:

1) Learner development across international borders: Here contributions might focus on the ways that learner development is implemented outside Japan. If you have taught outside Japan or if you have colleagues who are teaching in other countries, this could be a good chance to share and discuss your experiences of promoting learner development in different cultural contexts.

2) Learner development across interdisciplinary borders: Here contributions might focus on how ideas outside the field of LD or even language education (for example psychology, business, archaeology, etc) can be used to complement and enhance concepts in Learner development (for example, autonomy or collaborative learning) and illuminate new directions for Learner Development. This might also be a good opportunity for members to collaborate and co-present with members from other SIGs.

3) Learner development across contextual borders: Here contributions might focus on how contextual factors can influence the implementation of learner development concepts, for example, learners with lower vs higher linguistic ability or high school vs university vs adult students, etc. This might be a good chance for you to work together with other teachers and look at the different challenges you face and then discuss the various considerations of implementing LD into different contexts with the participants in the forum.

These are 3 ideas of different borders you could explore for your contributions, but if you have your own ideas of other borders for LD, please feel free to submit those too.

As for the format of the forum, at present we plan to hold simultaneous displays or presentation corners, with plenty of opportunities for audience interaction, discussion and plenary roundup.

The deadline for submissions is April 30th 2014. To participate, please send to <>the following information:

1. a title for your contribution
2. a few sentences (maximum 100 words) about your contribution to the forum and what you will focus on
3. your first name and family name
4. your JALT membership number
5. your affiliation
6. your LD membership status (LD SIG member/subscriber: yes/no)
7. your email address
8. a contact cell phone number if you have one.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your contribution. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you! Many thanks!